Signs of When to Replace Your Toilet Handle

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-15

If your toilet is leaking, the handle may be causing the problem. There are some common signs of a leak related to the toilet handle. If you encounter any of them, you will most likely have to replace this piece.

Jiggling Toilet Handle

If your toilet water is continuously running, you have to jiggle the handle to make it stop. That means that a valve is loose, and the water can be stopped only when the handle is in a certain position. It may work for some time, but the chances of stopping the water will eventually reduce until you can not stop it at all. Replacement can solve the problem.

Peculiar Sounds

The moment you hear some unfamiliar sounds from the toilet, check for some a leak. Normally, the water tank fills and you hear a familiar sound. If there is too much gurgling and straining, it means that there is a block somewhere in the pipes. Sometimes the toilet makes sounds when it is not in use, but it could also be related to your toilet handle, implying that the connection is not being made properly. That is why there is strain on the other fixtures.

Holding Toilet Handle Down

Sometimes, you may have to hold the toilet handle down so that the tank gets totally empty. It could imply that the chain or strap is too long to lift the ball or flapper high enough that it can float on its own. That means that the spring attached to your handle has become weak and can not operate on its own, which is why it requires the extra effort from you. It may be possible to repair just the spring, but if it is an old handle, and if you have never replaced it, it is best to add a new piece.

Phantom Flusher

The phantom flusher happens when the water in your toilet is turned on for about 15 seconds without touching the toilet handle. Screws may rust or become loose inside the water tank. A toilet handle replacement is absolutely necessary in that case. Huge amounts of water and electricity are wasted by such toilet leaks.

Other Leak-Related Problems

There may be several other signs of leaks in your toilet. For example, water may trickle down the sides of the bowl long after you have flushed. Alternatively, the tank is overflowing, so the water is running over the top of the overflow pipe. Sometimes water is dripping from the refill tube after the tank has been refilled. In any case, you should fix your toilet as soon as possible. A toilet handle problem is easy to handle, as it can be easily replaced and does not incur huge costs.