Simple Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom storage.

If your bathroom seems to have way too much stuff and not enough space, join the club. Everyone wants more storage in the bathroom, no matter how big or small the room may be. The bathroom is part spa, part makeup salon, part escape, and it can all become a storage closet, too. Master simple bathroom storage solutions to make the most out of the space.

Doors and Cabinets

The backs of doors and cabinets are storage areas in waiting. Stick-on hooks are an easy way to hang hand towels, hair tools, and other items. Leave enough space between the hanging items and the items inside the closet or cabinet; otherwise, the door will not close. Do not attempt to hang heavy items from stick-on hooks. The hooks will stick to wood, paint, and some tiles, but they may not adhere to metal and stone.

Maximize Space

Simple storage solutions are about making the most out of what you already have. Bathroom corners and other “dead” spaces usually stay empty. Fill them with sensible solutions, and they’ll become much more lively and functional pieces of the room.

Build your own custom corner cabinet to maximize this area and store items handily. If you’re not up to building a brand new piece of furniture, try repurposing an old one. An antique washstand can become beautiful bathroom storage with a fresh coat of paint. Place towels, soap, toilet paper, and other bathroom essentials here to make the storage functional and attractive.

Why not cover the sink? If you don’t already have a vanity unit with storage under the sink, make your own with a simple table skirt. Attach it right to the sink to create a covered area, and you’ve got more space to store stuff.

Add slide-out bins, baskets or even a lazy Susan to bathroom closets and cabinets to make storage neater and more accessible. With these additions, even the farthest reaches of those enclosed spaces are maximized.

Don’t neglect the sides of bathroom fixtures. Grab some wire or canvas caddies and hang them on the side of the toilet and the vanity. Even a small caddy can store lots of stuff and save you storage space in other areas of the bathroom.

Add Shelves

The walls have room for storage space if you aren’t afraid of shelves. Add a floating shelf over the toilet and anywhere else you can make one work. Floating shelves create lots of storage and decorating opportunities.

Add a narrow ledge above and next to the sink in cramped bathrooms to make the most out of the space. A small ledge provides space for toothbrushes and other necessities, saving room on the sink itself.