Simple DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Small Porch

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There's a chill in the air, but your heart is as warm as a steaming mug of pumpkin spice latte. It's your time of year! And let's say your Halloween dream is to have a home with a huge lawn, perfect for decking out with a faux cemetery and life-size monster props. But your reality is a tiny apartment rental porch, with a single window and barely enough room for two foldout chairs. Have no fear—save that for your devilish decor—because these DIY decorations are crawling with festive October spirit no matter how small your space.


The first rule of a small space is to go vertical. And with this swarming colony of bats, you can use every available inch of wall space—including across the front door—to show their haphazard flight. Trace out bat shapes on felt or thick black cardstock so that you can fold them in half before affixing for a 3D inflight look.

Gruesome Gardening

If you like your Halloween a little more on the macabre side, this potted plant stand (which can also be used in any single plant pot) may be just the thing. A few dollar store plastic hands buried in potting soil conjure the most classic of zombie movie unearthings.

Wicked Wreath

A Halloween wreath on the front door with black birds on it.

Give your friends and guests a spooky welcome with your ghoulish take on a traditional holiday item. To make this wreath, just gather some fallen branches or thick grapevine—which coils perfectly into a circular shape—and bind with twist ties or floral wire. Keep yours simple and rustic like this one—just add a layer of cobweb and some dollar store blackbirds. If that’s not quite your pick of poison, wrap yours in tattered white fabric for mummification, add some creepy-crawly spiders, or even bling yours out with orange and black glitter. Just make sure to hang with a midnight-black ribbon.

Spine-Chilling Silhouettes

Quick, how do you scare someone with nothing but a white sheet? If you said to fashion yourself a cliched ghost costume—sorry, but you're wrong. For a truly terrifying window attraction, these looming silhouettes will make you the most popular house on the block. Just trace out your sketch, fill in with black paint, and hang in a backlit window. Then watch the trick-or-treaters dare each other to ring your bell.

Deadly Doormat

The first rule of vampirism is that they can't enter unless you invite them in. And with a doormat this welcoming, it'll be a fang-licious fete. Use a Sharpie to trace your desired shape on any blank doormat or carpet piece and fill in with your leftover window silhouette paint.

Floating Heads

A couple of floating head Halloween decorations on a porch.

For the phantasmal elegance of Disney's Haunted Mansion, these hanging specters will add an ethereal aura to your porch. Just cut the necks off a few craft store styrofoam heads, cover them with cheesecloth, run fishing line through a screw eye on top, and watch them spookily sway in the moonlight. For extra ghostlyness, cover them with glow-in-the-dark paint and hang underneath a black light!

The best part of Halloween decor is that it fully embraces the DIY spirit because it’s so often inexpensive, and can easily be made using outdoor elements, or even items you already have lying around your home. Just make sure to stretch a thick layer of cobweb over your new porch projects, and you’ll be the most wickedly haunted house on the block.

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