Single French Door: The Stylish Alternative

A single French door gives your home a sophisticated look while adding to its value. It is a good alternative to installing a double French door when you have limited space.

What is a Single French Door?

A single French door consists of a glass panel that extends the entire length of the door. The glass can be one pane or divided into smaller panes. Traditional single French doors have glass panes divided by mullions, but the same look is accomplished with a decorative grill placed over the glass panel. Glass options are transparent, frosted or even beveled.

Single French Door Frames

Frames for a single French door are usually wood, but are also available in vinyl, steel and fiberglass. Choice of wood for the door includes cherry, oak and mahogany.

Interior or Exterior Single French Door

The single French door is used both as an interior and exterior door. Reasons for using the single French door inside is as a room divider and to reduce sound from adjoining areas. An exterior single French door creates an open view to the outside and allows ample natural light inside. The exterior door is installed to either swing in or swing out.

Energy Efficiency of a Single French Door

Tight seals prevent air and water leakage. Insulated glass protects against hot or cold air entering your home.