Creating a Single Color Garden Using Pink

Single color gardens are not only fashionable - they're startlingly beautiful. Whether formal or fun a single color garden can transform your landscape into the most original garden on the block. The following article discusses how you can showcase flowers, plants and ornaments for a chic pink look. For plant choice, garden ornament and more, thinking pink is a bright choice in gardening styles.

Trees, shrubs, flowers - thinking pink in the garden is easy given the wide selection of plants available online and from local garden centers. And, there are pink plants to suit every climate in both hardy and delicate varieties. Trees are utterly striking when they sport their pink blooms. A must-have tree to serve as a focal point is bright pink ornamental cherry tree; a slow-growing tree, its branches become saturated with double flowers. It is also known as the weeping cherry. It is perfect for an Oriental garden. It thrives in a shallow chalky soil.

Another great tree sporting masses of small pink flowers is the tamarisk. It thrives in a sunny spot with a dry soil. It is also a good choice for a hedging plant. Other good choices would be the: Japanese flowering crabapple, empress tree, and the Eastern redbud.

When considering shrubs, check out magenta-pink bell heather that also makes an excellent ground cover. Its flowers are long-lasting and sport little bell-shaped blooms. The Donation - a type of camellia - is also a beautiful pink shrub that bursts with blossoms each year. It is hardy and produces rich rose-pink flowers. Other gorgeous shrubs to select in various shades of pink are the: "Bellicent" lilac, "Silver-pink" rock rose, mallow, Damask rose, dwarf Russian almond, heather, heath, and the "Rosebud" azalea.

The range of pink flowers is vast, so much will be dependent on the gardener's taste. A truly unique selection might be the deep pink houseleek; it is a hardy perennial that works as ground cover or even on a dry stonewall. Its pink is so deep it almost looks red. Pink carnations seem an obvious choice for their hardy nature and cherry pink blooms. If there is water in the garden such as a stream or pond, than pink wand flowers are a must for true natural elegance. Pink bee balm is a superb choice for an aromatic range of hardy perennials in the garden. Other wonderful choices might include: Japanese burnet, shooting stars, knapweed, creeping phlox (great ground cover), rock soapwort, "Pink Damask" daylilies, Japanese anemone, cranesbill, New England aster and Oriental Poppies.

Of course, your pink garden depends on more than plant selection to be quite wholehearted about the color scheme. Nothing less than pink containers for your plants will do. Consider visiting local antique stores for vintage pink glass light fixtures - even imperfect ones will produce a stunning effect when turned into hanging planters for your porch. If you have trouble finding pink containers, simply purchase various shades of pink paint and give your pots a makeover.

When relaxing in your garden, be sure it’s on pink cushions that sit on your patio furniture. In face, your entire patio can easily be decked out in pink. Consider pale pink bricks to provide you with a sturdy patio foundation with a built-in grill and planters. If your patio has a fountain, be sure to lay pink tile-work around its base or toss nuggets of pink rose quartz in the water for a pleasant effect.

Of course, it you will not be able to produce pink cucumbers and carrots in your vegetable garden, but consider pink pickets to work as garden markers, a pink gazing ball and perhaps a scarecrow decked out in a pink tutu or kimono. For more pink ideas in gardening, visit online stores or your local garden center.