Six Best Uses for a Staple Gun

A staple gun is used for various purposes. There are three main types of staple guns. It is important to select the most appropriate and powerful one, depending on the type of task and materials involved. Basically, there is the muscle-powered, compressed air, or electric powered staple guns. The electric powered staple guns are the most powerful, and they may be available in cordless or corded formats. Regardless of which type of staple gun you use, it is imperative to use it appropriately and, most importantly, to use the right kind and size of staples so as to avoid jamming and other problems.

1. Carpeting

Staple guns are used for various home improvement projects. One of the most popular uses of staple guns is for carpeting. Carpets can be fixed by means of a staple gun, and they can be fixed not just to the floor but even to walls, as in the case of fixing carpet pieces to the wall for soundproofing.

2. Upholstery

Staple guns are used for upholstery projects. By fixing a staple through the fabric into the frame of a sofa or chair, you can tighten the fabric better so as to create a neater covering and prevent creases. These types of staple guns have high power since they have to be inserted and securely fastened to wood, foam, leather or fabric. Some of these staple guns also have the facility to insert nails too, and not just staples.

3. Carpentry Projects and Home Repair Jobs

Staple guns are ideal for various home repair jobs that often crop up in households from time to time. These often have to do with fabric or wood. Fabric materials usually involve upholstery and carpeting projects, as already mentioned and described above. Carpentry projects involve the use of a staple gun to fasten wood, such as panels and boards.

4. Decorating Jobs

Staple guns are also ideal for some basic decorating jobs. For instance, you can easily create a frame around artwork or replace a window or door frame.

5. Construction Related Jobs

Some construction jobs also require the use of a staple gun. These vary from minor projects, such as building a bird house or a dog house to projects of a larger scale.

6. General Fastening Requirements and Related Projects

The basic nature and aim of any staple gun is to fasten one end to another or one material to another. Hence, a staple gun is used for most fastening requirements in various projects. Some of these include fastening fabric, ceiling tiles, weather stripping, carpets, foam and padding, wire and screening. There are other fastening projects of a more complicated nature which may still be carried out by using a high power staple gun. However, sometimes you might need to use riveting tools instead, especially when sheet metal, duct work and conduit clips are involved.

By considering these factors regarding the types of staple guns available and their respective uses, you can make a better decision when buying, depending on what you need to use it for.