Six Materials Needed to Install a New Deep Well Pump

It is always nice to enjoy cool, clear water from a new deep well pump. While installing a well pump can be a bit challenging, with the proper materials and tools you will be able to complete it. Here is a few of the materials and other items you will need to do it:

1. Pump Control Box

A deep well pump requires a pump control box to run it. Make sure the one you get is the correct horsepower to match the pump you plan to install.

2. Crimp connectors

These are used to hold the piping fittings to the well pump.

3. Pliers

You will need pliers to attach the required bolts and nuts of the pump’s system.

4. Wire Cutters

These are necessary for hooking up the electricity to your new pump. They are also used to strip the wires as needed.

5. Piping

You will need enough piping to go from your well to the place you plan to use the water. You may choose between a plastic and metal piping.

6. Rope

A rope is important to have for attaching it to your pump in case it slips and slides down the hole. This way you won’t lose your deep well pump.