Slate Patio Design Ideas

Due to its fine-grained texture, smooth finish, and durability, slate patio has become a popular choice among builders and homeowners. Slate stone patio pavers are also available; these pavers have a rough surface and are non-slippery and durable. Generally, patios are used to barbecue, relax with friends and family, for entertainment, and also for spending a romantic evening.

Slate for Flooring

A classic, subtle and natural stone product, slate is a beautiful and durable choice for patio flooring. Slate stone is available in various shapes and in an amazing range of colors such as lush black, brown, purple, blue, green, grey, red, and shades of rust. Opt for a single unified color or  mix two or more colors for a more varied look.

Slate stone with a rough surface is a dense and water-resistant surface. As a result, slate does not spall or delaminate under even freeze-thaw conditions; moreover, it can withstand years of traffic. The natural cleft structure of slate makes it slip-resistant. Moreover, for roofing purposes, slate is ideal as it can effectively resist the assaults of rain, wind, and snow. Very smooth slate, however, has a tendency to be slippery.

When it comes to cost, large slate pieces are pricier than the small ones.

Slate Pavers

Slate patio pavers are easier to use than the flat, natural pieces, and they are available in various sizes. Slate can be used with almost all garden types—from formal to casual, and it easily blends in with your choice of landscape and improves the esthetics.

For an overall look of expensive elegance, use the slate planking pavers that appear like wooden planks, but have the durability of stone. Slate is used successfully in residential as well as commercial sites as it is unaffected by chemicals like acids. Therefore, slate pavers can be directly placed onto the soil. Nowadays, slate is used not only for floors but also on walls, steps, walkways, and even roofs.

Slate in its Many Forms

If you prefer an aged and the established look for your patios, tumbled slate pavers are your best bet. The tumbled look is achieved by rolling the slate pavers inside a concrete mixture, knocking off their edges. While tumbled slate pavers are expensive, many people find that the look is worth the price.

For added appeal, consider using odd-shaped pieces of slate as stepping stones in your garden.  Make use of leftover slate chips to supress weeds by spreading a thick layer of slate chips.

Use old and broken roofing slate as an edging material for your decorative areas. The slate could be cut into strips and placed at the edges on a bed of mortar mix. Level the top of the slate using a piece of timber. Nowadays, even the tiny fragments and dust-like residue, which remain after installation, are used as landfills.