Sliding Closet Door Hardware: The Essentials

The sliding closet door hardware that you choose is an important part of the function of the door. Without the proper pieces of hardware, the door just will not work well. You can design your own closet doors as long as you make sure that the right hardware parts are installed properly.

Essential Hardware
When you are installing sliding closet doors in your bedroom, the choice of hardware can make a big difference in the way the doors look. First, you will have to make sure that you have the correct hardware for the door to slide and work properly.

A track is needed to install on the floor. The track is used to guide the door along as it is closed and opened. This is an essential item that you must have for your door. Choose a track that will fit in with the décor of the room and the door.  

The caster or wheel that will guide the door along the track is another piece of essential sliding closet door hardware that you will need for your sliding closet doors.

Decorative Hardware
The pulls and knobs are essential items, but you will be able to make some great choices in the style of these pieces to make your doors look great.  Choose the knobs and pulls that will fit the door’s style and size. You can elect a knob style door pull or you can choose a simple pull made in a brushed metal that will look great on your sliding closet doors.

Choosing the Right Hardware
It is important that you choose the correct sliding closet door hardware that will fit with the door sizes that you have chosen. A track that is too small will not accommodate the door properly and you will not be able to open and close the doors.  

When buying your closet doors, take note of the size of the door panel and its width so that you can select the correct size track and casters. Many doors come in a kit that will include the proper hardware for the style and size door that you are installing.

Add Some Style
Along with the correct sliding closet door hardware, you can also customize it to make it perfect for your room.  The exterior of the track can be painted or designed to fit in with the room. However, you should not use paint on the inside to avoid problems with the sliding of the doors.  Extra paint on the interior of the track will change the dimensions and could potentially cause the track to be too small for the door.

Sliding closet door hardware is an essential part of the functioning of your closet doors. You can add some design elements with your choice of door pulls and the track that is used. The closet doors in your room are a part of the overall décor of the room and can be a wonderful way to add some drama or a bold fresh look.