Sliding Glass Door Security Tips

Often overlooked, sliding glass door security is as important as security for any other entry to your home. Sliding glass doors are usually secured by latches instead of locks so they are vulnerable to being forced open from the outside. There are things you can do to increase the security of these doors.

Block the Track of the Door

The first thing you should do to keep someone from entering your home through your sliding glass door is to block the track. Many sliding glass door manufacturers sell custom cut stoppers that prevent the door from sliding open at all, even when unlocked. Any kind of metal rod that will fit into and completely fill the track will work. This will prevent the door from moving much, and will make it much harder for anyone to force the door open from outside.

Prevent the Door from Being Lifted from the Track

The other way an intruder can use sliding glass doors to gain entry to a home is by lifting the doors out of their tracks. Older doors are especially vulnerable to this type of breaking. To prevent this from happening, keep the door rollers well-adjusted and in good condition. It is also a good idea to install a locking device that will prevent the door from being lifted.