Sliding Glass Pet Door Logistics

A sliding glass pet door is a pet door associated with a sliding glass patio door.. The logistics of the sliding pet door are straight forward; it provides an alternative way of closing the patio door by introducing a pet door into the opening.

A Very Simple Idea

The simple strategy behind sliding glass pet doors is that a permanent or semi permanent installation is made of a purpose built panel. This panel will narrow the available door way but provide safe and secure pet door access for your pet.

The Panel

The panel is patio door height and wide enough to accommodate the door through which the pet will pass. The panel will be fitted against the door jam in the weather proofing that the patio door would normally occupy when it is closed.

The Sliding Door

The sliding patio door will be able to move up to and lock on to the pet door panel. This will enable the patio doors to be closed in inclement weather while still allowing your pet to move in and out of the house. The use of additional security devices will make the patio door as safe as if it was locked normally.


Although the pet door panel is mounted on the same track as the sliding door there is little point in installing wheels since the panel is not going to be mobile. To ensure as true a fit as possible, however, pet door panels are fitted with wheels but they are only meant as a means of suspending the panel.

No Alterations to the Glass

The addition of a panel avoids the necessity to try to cut through the glazing of the sliding patio door. The chances of successfully cutting a double glazed sealed unit are not good. Often attempts will lead to a degree of chiseling glass to try to get the glass to cut square if it has a canted grain. Another problem could be the glass breaking off inside the edges of the door. An alternative (which will only work with a single glazed door) is to remove the glass, cut an opening and then replace it.

Pet Satisfaction

If the pet door panel is left in place all year round your pet will become very used to having easy access. If you moved to a new home and a similar patio door was installed there, you could take your panel with you. This way your pet would find at least one familiar thing at the new home and your new owners would not be left with a pet door they did not want.


Although the pet door panel is out of proportion to the rest of the patio door assembly, because it is set to one side of the patio opening, it gives a similar appearance and feeling as the side panels often seen on the doors at the front of houses.

The overall plan of the method to allow your pet to have free access to the house form outside or to the garden from inside is accomplished by changes and compromises – avoiding real physical alteration.