Sliding Window

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A sliding window, sometimes referred to as a slider, is any type of window which utilizes two or more sashes that are able to slide horizontally past one another.

Advantages of a Sliding Window

A sliding window offers a number of advantages over single or double-hung windows. Due to their horizontal sliding style, they are far less apt to suffer from some of the problems that single and double-hung windows suffer from. One of the biggest is a failed spring in the vertical window.

Unlike sliding windows, vertically moving sashes require a spring-loaded apparatus or weight and pulley system to pick up and support the weight of the sash to make opening it possible with minimum effort. In order to operate properly, the spring tension or the counterweight has to be in perfect balance with the sash weight.

If the failure of the spring or weight system should occur, the window will be extremely difficult to slide up and will no longer stay open. You'll be able to physically hold the window open or keep it opened with a stick, but it will fall closed if you let it go. A sliding Window slides horizontally so they do not have the effect of gravity working against them. This translates into fewer components and they are incapable of suffering from this somewhat common problem found in vertical windows. The main problem with a lot of sliding windows, however, is the difficulty to seal them tight due to the nature of their movement, resulting in a lot of heat loss.