Small Home Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

clean dining space with bright blue wall and geometric shapes

Home upgrades don’t have to be time-consuming and expensive to make a big difference. Here are some projects that will improve the look, feel, and even value of your home without a major investment.

1. Paint

One of the easiest ways to change the feel of your house is by painting. You do not need to paint the whole home to make a difference. Consider picking one room like the family room or kitchen to paint instead. These are rooms you probably spend a lot of time in, and a fresh coat of paint could make a big difference. The lighting in your room will impact your color options. Go for a color that makes your room feel bright and large.

2. Crown Molding

Crown molding installation doesn’t need to be left up to the professionals. It is actually a project you can take on yourself. To do so, you will need to buy molding and a nail gun. You will also need to caulk the area around the molding after you install it.

wood crown molding between wall and ceiling

3. Reupholster Furniture

If your furniture is looking dated, you can reupholster items you already have rather than buy new pieces. Start by removing the old fabric from the piece of furniture you wish to reupholster. You should also check to see if your furniture needs new foam padding. Go to a fabric store and purchase the new fabric you want to use. You could consider asking for a few swatches to take home with you to see what works best with the rest of your furniture and the room as a whole before purchasing a larger amount of material for the reupholstering job.

Next, cut the fabric to the same size as the old fabric you took off your furniture. Leave some allowances on every side. It’s now time to attach the new fabric to your furniture. Take a step back and admire your work.

4. Stain a Table

Staining a table is an easy way to make an old piece of furniture look new again. Start by stripping off the old stain. Not doing so will lead to an uneven finish. Make sure the table is clean before applying the new stain. You can do so with a soft cloth or paintbrush. Let it dry for at least a day before using the table.

brush applying varnish or stain to a wood surface

5. Frame a Mirror

Framing a bathroom mirror can transform your bathroom from builder grade to chic getaway. You can purchase a frame from a home decor store or make one yourself. Make sure you have frame strips and foam core backing as well as hanging clips and wire. From there, follow the directions that come with your mirror frame to install the frame.

6. Reglaze Your Tub

If your bathtub has started to look a little yellow or dingy, you don’t need to buy a new one. Instead, you can reglaze it to bring new life into the tub. You can hire a professional or reglaze the tub yourself. If you decide to take it on as a DIY project, make sure the tub is clean before applying the filler and then layering it with epoxy to prime the tub. Then apply glaze according to the manufactures’ instructions.

7. Accent Wall

Instead of repainting an entire room, you could pick one surface to make an accent wall. You could paint this wall, or try regular or peel and stick wallpaper. This will draw focus, making the area visually pop. Pick a wall with other interesting features such as a high ceiling, or one you also use to display artwork.

8. Cabinet Pulls

cabinet with metal handles

New draw handles on cabinets are an easy way to make your kitchen look top-notch without spending money on a full remodel. You can purchase handles at home improvement stores and install them yourself in an afternoon.

9. Paint Your Fireplace

One way to create a statement piece in your living space is to repaint your fireplace. Even brick fireplaces can be repainted, and doing so will make your room look brand new. Before you begin, make sure the area is clean and lay a drop cloth below the fireplace. Then, apply primer followed by the topcoat. You will need to let it dry for a while, so make sure your kids and pets stay away from the fireplace while working on the project.