Small Kitchen? 10 Appliances You Can Live Without

man with kitchen appliances on counter

It seems like there is a kitchen appliance for just about everything these days. We can make our own bread, pasta, espresso, juice, and more with minimal preparation and just the click of a button.

Having a bunch of small kitchen appliances can definitely be useful, especially for those who enjoy cooking, baking, and indulging in certain treats, but when you live in an apartment or a small house, it might not be realistic. Even the smallest appliances take up space on counters and in cupboards.

Truth be told, you can live without many small kitchen appliances.

1. Mixer

A stand mixer is bulky and takes up a lot of counter space. Even an electric hand mixer might not be suitable for your small kitchen. Mixing by hand, although much more difficult, can be done using either a whisk or even a wooden spoon. In fact, many recipes work better when mixed by hand.

2. Bread Maker

A bread maker is definitely one of those small kitchen appliances you really don't need to bother with. Truth be told, your kitchen already has the perfect break maker: an oven.

If you want to bake bread from scratch, you can do so easily by mixing your wet and dry ingredients and baking it in your oven following specific recipes. Most bread recipes are actually very easy to follow and simple to make using an oven.

3. Toaster/Toaster Oven

Having a toaster might seem like a small appliance you can't live without, but you really can. If you love having toast, try making it in your oven to help save space. In fact, you can use your oven for a lot of things, including anything you would make in a toaster oven: pizza, fish sticks, kebobs, muffins, and more.

a toaster oven with toast near a coffee cup

4. Popcorn Machine

There are multiple ways to make popcorn that don't require a popcorn maker. The most obvious option is microwave popcorn. Simply buy a bag of microwavable popcorn and pop it in the microwave for the required time.

If you prefer air-popped popcorn, just make it on the stove in a pot. Buying popcorn kernels in bulk is much cheaper than microwavable popcorn, and a lot healthier too. To flavor it, you can add different spices like paprika, curry powder, chili powder, or drizzled sriracha sauce.

5. Pasta Maker

A pasta maker really isn't worth investing in. Pasta makers are a lot of work to use and clean, making them more of an inconvenience than a time saver. To top things off, dry pasta is usually inexpensive, so having a pasta maker doesn't even save you money.

While a lot of people say that fresh noodles taste a lot better, you can actually make fresh pasta without a machine. So if you're tempted to give it a shot, there are many fresh pasta recipes online that do not require a pasta maker.

6. Panini Press/Quesadilla Maker

No doubt paninis and quesadillas taste great; what's not to love about delicious tortillas or bread grilled with a combination of gooey, melted cheese, meat, and vegetables?

Making them without a press is just as easy though. All you need to make your own panini or quesadilla at home is a stove, frying pan, and a spatula—three things you should already have in your small kitchen.

7. Deep Fryer

Let's start off by saying that anything deep-fried should be kept as a treat you can purchase on the beach or at the carnival, rather than a staple meal in your home. However, if you enjoy making your own apple fritters, funnel cake, or onion rings, you can do so without using a deep-fryer.

You can deep-fry food easily at home by using a heavy-duty pot or wok and a thermometer. The temperature for deep-frying is usually between 325 degrees Fahrenheit and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as you maintain that temperature of the oil, you will be good to go.

sliced potatoes frying in oil

8. Electric Can Opener

An electric can opener is probably the most useless kitchen gadget you can have. It takes up space, it doesn't save you much time or effort, and certainly doesn't save you any money. Unless you have a physical condition that makes using a manual can opener difficult, you can do without an electric one.

9. Food Processor

Food processors can be awesome for quickly chopping up vegetables or making sauces and dips, but once again, it's a small kitchen gadget that you can easily live without.

Instead of using a food processor, you can chop, crush, and mince any ingredient using a knife and cutting board. It might take a bit more time and effort, but if you know you won't use it often and don't have a lot of kitchen space available, it's an easy sacrifice to make.

10. Microwave

This sacrifice scares a lot of people. However, if you're really tight for space, you could live without a microwave, although it might take some getting used to.

Using a microwave is super convenient when heating up leftovers, or even prepping meals, but you can easily warm up food in your oven or on your stovetop if it really comes down to it.