Small Space Hacks

A wood shelf with white towels on it.

When your living space is tight, it’s important to make every inch count. We know that finding adequate storage space in tight quarters can be a challenge. However, you’re in luck! We are here with all of our best DIY small space hacks to help you squeeze as much into your home as you can. We broke it down room by room below.


You may think a tiny bedroom means you have to cut back on clothes, accessories, and other beloved items. Think again! These small space hacks help you fit all of your personal belongings into the smallest of bedrooms.

Hang Your Hamper

A hamper hanging on a door made out of a pillowcase.

Image via Sliptalk

If you’re constantly finding your floor covered in discarded and dirty clothes, we have the perfect solution. A low-profile hamper that hangs on the back of your bedroom or closet door saves space, keeps your area tidy, and is easy to make. To DIY it, you will need a medium-sized embroidery hoop and twine, a drill, screws and a hook, and a pillow case. To make the hamper, feed the ends of the pillowcase between the embroidery hoop parts, closing and tightening the hoop once done. Loop twine around the hoop’s screw mount, and then knot it tightly. Hang the hook where desired, either towards the top or middle of your door. Lastly, hang the hamper with twine. This is an easy and inexpensive project that you can get creative with by using a pillowcase of your choosing—any pattern or color!

Make Your Own Built-In

Fancy built-ins don’t have to be expensive and they look great in place of a headboard, providing an abundance of stylish storage! You can make your own using old drawers. For this project, find mismatched drawers (of different sizes) and map out how you want to put them together on the floor. Keep in mind that they don’t need to perfectly fit together and it’s OK if some wall peeks through between them. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, use screws to secure them. If you want to make some into cabinets, cut plywood doors to fit the desired openings and use hinges to install them. Paint the piece as desired and then let them dry. Hang the built-ins using several 1x4-inch cleats.


Your kitchen is another space with many gadgets, appliances, and necessary household items. In this section, learn how to fit everything and stay organized in tiny kitchens.

Hang Your Drying Rack

A hanging dish rack.

Image via Combyo

Dish drying racks take up a lot of precious counter space. Mount a metal wire hanging rack to the wall using s-hooks and screws. This will keep the drying rack off the counter, freeing up that precious surface! This storage hack is convenient, stylish, and space-saving all in one!

Make a Hanging Utensil Organizer

Instead of dedicating drawer or counter space to storing your wide range of cooking and serving utensils, create a simple yet stylish hanging organizer. For this project, you will need three 12-ounce mason jars, three hose clamps, a 2 feet by 7 inch (or similarly sized) wood board, wood stain, a paint brush, a picture hanging kit, hammer, drill, titanium drill bits, and screws. Start by staining the wood board and letting it dry. Drill a hole in the wood where each clamp will go, and drill a coordinating hole in each clamp. Line up the clamps with the holes and screw them into the wood. Hang the board on the wall and slip the jars into the clamps. Now you have the perfect spot to put wooden spoons, serving utensils, and anything else that clutters your kitchen drawers!


You don't want a cluttered bathroom, especially when it comes to getting ready in the morning. These DIY projects help keep a small bathroom organized so that everything has a home!

Use a Tiered Serving Platter

Tiered bathroom storage.

Image via The Hamby Home

These platters aren’t just for serving appetizers at a party. They’re actually perfect to place on your bathroom counter for an elegant look with an abundance of storage. Use them for bars of soap, makeup, or even rolled washcloths.

Install a Shelf Above the Door

This is a simple addition to your bathroom that makes a big difference. An above-the-door shelf is the perfect place to store extra toiletries or towels so that they are accessible, yet out of the way. Use wood screws and a pair of wooden shelf brackets to hang the brackets, and then screw the shelf onto those.

Install Multiple Towel Rods

Who said you can only have one towel rod?! Install three along the back of your door, staggering their placement. Hang extra linens there to save a lot of cabinet or closet space.

We love how easy and inexpensive all of these small space DIY hacks are. They will add flair to your space and, best of all, maximize the room you have in your home.