Big Ideas for Small Spaces from Celebrity Designer Vern Yip

Vern Yip, a master of design, is known for creating big ideas in small areas. According to Yip, you don't have to be a designer to create a stylish look in your own small room. With a few easy hints, you can create an intimate room with a grand feeling.


Examine the items in your room and eliminate what you don't need. Follow Yip's example and cut the clutter to create instant serenity, freeing up much needed space. Table surfaces that only showcase one or two accessories create a serene, calming environment that opens up your room and brings attention to the quality of the pieces.

Make Your Rooms Multi-purpose

Rooms don't have to be limited by what we call them - your kitchen can also function as a home office, gathering spot for guests and child's playroom. Treat your feet and soften cold, hard kitchen floors with a stylish area rug.

Remember Your Fifth and Sixth Walls

Intense colors and large-scale patterns on the floor and ceiling can make your small space seem even smaller. A floor covering in a solid color and pattern will open up the floor plane.

Put Your Stuff to Work

Choose furnishings that serve more than one function, such as chests with both storage and seating, large ottomans that serve as coffee tables, footrests and seats, and kitchen tables that also work as desks and play areas.

With just a few simple tricks, you can open up your smallest space and create a cozy, functional room. According to Yip, "Even small rooms can be special, and with the right elements, such as floor coverings, accessories and furniture, you can create a whole new room to enjoy in your house."

Courtesy of NAPSnet.