Smart Home Features to Add Value to Your Home

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It's crazy to think that not too long ago smart home features didn't exist, because now almost two-thirds of real estate agents have found home buyers are looking for houses equipped with smart features.

Adding smart home features will definitely add value to your house when it's time to sell, but which ones are really worth it? The answer may vary from family to family, but there are a few popular choices to consider. Even if you aren't looking to sell, adding smart home features will make your life easier because you will be able to control just about everything in your home with your smart phone or tablet.

Because smart home features can be broken down into three different categories, including practical and functional, lifestyle and entertainment, and safety and security, we're going to look at the best smart home features under each group.

Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are great for those who want to be alerted on their smart devices when the alarm goes off. This is perfect for when you're away from the house or even outside because it will give you the option to either call 911 or silence the alarm right from your phone.

There are many smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on the market today. However, the Nest Protect Smoke and CO2 alarm is an affordable option that only costs $35 and can be plugged into any existing smoke of CO2 detector.

Smart Door Locks

A lot of people are interested in smart door locks because they help ensure burglars can't get in—at least not by picking your door locks.

Most smart door locks are controlled by smart devices through an app, but some are opened by punching in a code.

Smart Sprinkler Systems

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Smart sprinkler systems not only help homeowners save money, but also help save water. They adjust for the weather and will only water your yard when it's needed. Some also understand your yard and adjust to the specifics it to help keep your plants healthy.

You can also control your sprinklers from anywhere with a smart device and keep track of watering and precipitation. There are even smart sprinkler systems that will keep reports on your yard's health.

Smart Home Alarm System

With a smart home alarm system, homeowners can keep an eye on their properties from anywhere. Most smart home alarm systems include multiple web cameras, motion detectors, and sensors to alert you if anyone approaches your home or tries to go inside without an invitation.

There are several options when shopping for a smart home alarm system; iSmart Alarm is one of them. The iSmart Alarm system comes with door and window sensors, motion detectors, and cameras, all of which are connected wirelessly and can be controlled by a smart phone or tablet through an app.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are among consumers' favorite smart home features.

The Learning Thermostat, created by the company Nest, was listed among the best smart home features of the year by Tech site CNET. It can be controlled by a smart phone and programmed to learn homeowners' daily routines to adjust the house's temperature accordingly. On top of that, it knows when the house is empty and will use less energy during that time, helping to save money.

Smart Air Conditioner

For the summer months, smart air conditioners are great for people who want to keep cool by controlling their homes' temperatures with their smart phones or tablets.

Some smart air conditioners connect to the GPS in your smart device and will automatically adjust the temperature by turning the AROs on and off based on the proximity to your home.

Smart Garage Door Opener

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Say goodbye to annoying garage door opener remotes and install a smart garage door opener instead.

The smart garage door opener by Chamberlain lets you open the garage door from anywhere just by tapping your device's screen. They are also working on adding geofencing capabilities so that it can sense when you are approaching your driveway to open automatically. Then, once your car is fully inside the garage, it will close on its own.

Smart Home Lighting

For anyone who is afraid of coming home to a dark, empty house, smart home lighting will easily become your favorite feature.

Smart home lighting systems can be controlled by a smart phone, tablet, or smart watch, so you can turn on your lights before walking up to your house.

Smart Appliances

More and more people are looking to add smart appliances to their homes including refrigerators, cook-tops, ranges and ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers, most of which come with the Energy Star seal of approval.

Both LG Electronics and Samsung Corp offer smart appliances. Samsung Smart Home offers a fully-connected system between appliances and smart TVs, smart phones, and smart watches. LG Electronics connects and communicates with LINE messenger. Most interface with your Alexa or other hub.