Smeg Refrigerators

colorful smeg refrigerators with curved corners

Smeg refrigerators have become popular, especially in recent years. Before you get in on this trend, learn everything you can about these retro-style appliances.

Things to Know About Smeg Refrigerators

You’d be surprised just how much there is to know about these fridges. Considering they’re somewhat of a pricey investment, and they’ll get lots of use in your home, it’s important to know the facts.

Colors and Patterns

These retro-style fridges come in a wealth of colors and patterns. In fact, there are 16 available as of this writing. Besides being available in vibrant solids, you can get these fridges in patterns, or designs like the Italian, United Kingdom, or United States flag. There are also neutral colors, such as black, white, silver, and cream, in case you’d like to go with something more subdued.

a red and a striped stylish refrigerator in a convention display

They Launched Recently...Kind Of

While these fridges are specifically 50’s styled, they didn’t launch back then, surprisingly. This line of products didn’t launch until the 1990’s, which wasn't that long ago, right? The brand itself was founded in 1948 in Northern Italy, but these fridges that have become so popular didn’t hit the market until nearly 50 years later.

They’re Available as Minis

If you love Smeg fridges but aren’t ready to commit to the big, full sized one yet, you can opt for a mini fridge instead. Their iconic fridges are available as a 1.2 cubic foot model, measuring around 30 inches high. This makes them a great extra fridge in your home for beverages or they look great in a stylish dorm room.

You Can Match all Your Appliances

You don’t have to stop at a Smeg fridge in your kitchen. The brand makes coordinating toasters, blenders, coffee makers, kettles, stand mixers, and more— your whole kitchen can be Smegged-out if you want!

There are Different Models to Choose From

Not all Smeg refrigerators are created equal. The brand makes several different models. For instance, there’s a full freezer that includes a “fast-freezing compartment” within it, with 11 cubic feet of capacity. Alternatively, there is a more traditional fridge set up, with a regular fridge on the top with 8.2 cubic feet of space and a freezer on the bottom with 3.5 cubic feet of space.

The Pros of Smeg Fridges

There are plenty of great things to consider about Smeg refrigerators that may convince you to invest in one of your own.

They’re Stylish

These fridges are quite stylish, and as noted above, they’re definitely trendy. The retro style is completely in right now, and these fridges are bold enough to become a conversation and statement piece in your kitchen.

They’re Easy to Clean

Due to their sleek design, Smeg refrigerators are easy to clean, which is a blessing in any appliance.

Works Well in Small Kitchens

Because of their slim design, these fridges fit well in small kitchens without sacrificing function or style.

Looks Authentically Vintage

We already mentioned the aesthetic, but it’s worth noting again that these fridges look authentically vintage. If that’s the vibe you’re going for in your home, these are an absolute no-brainer.

smeg refrigerator displays, one red, one with a Union Jack flag design

The Cons of Smeg Fridges

There are also some cons associated with these fridges to consider.

They’re Expensive

These fridges are definitely quite pricey, coming in at the top or above most people’s fridge budgets. The mini fridge alone is nearly $1,000, with the larger fridges ranging from $2,000 to $3,000. That hefty price tag is definitely something to consider if one of these is on your wish list.


The sizes are a little smaller than the average for these appliances. While the average fridge is 67-79 inches in height by 30-36 inches in width by 29-35 inches in depth with a total volume between 14.5 and 20 cubic feet, a traditional Smeg fridge is roughly 75 inches by 22 inches by 41 inches, making it much more narrow. The larger models have a volume of 11.63 cubic feet.

No Automatic Ice Maker

Smeg fridges are not equipped with automatic ice makers, so that’s something else to keep in mind if you don’t want to have to make yours the old fashioned way.

All in all, these novelty fridges are also pretty functional, and they’ll definitely be a show stealer in your kitchen.