Sneaky Storage Ideas You've Never Thought Of

Stacks of paperwork and files.

We all accumulate stuff, and often that stuff seems to sit in piles around our living spaces. If you find yourself in need of organizational help, or are simply looking for additional storage tips, here are some storage ideas and places you may not have thought of to help you add space to your home.

Inside of Doors

The inside of a closet or cabinet door is an underutilized space and a great place for additional storage in a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. In a bedroom closet, you can hang a fabric shoe hanger to gather small items. Scarves, socks, and undergarments fit perfectly in the little pouches. In a bathroom closet, you can use the same type of hanger to store cotton balls and swabs, makeup, hair ties, and more. You can also purchase sturdy wire shelving for storing heavier items, like the tops of pots and pans, on the inside of a cabinet door in the kitchen.

Ledge Picture Shelves

A shelf storing kitchen items.

Ledge shelves are made for displaying pictures. However, you can utilize these narrow shelves for storage as well. Put one in the kitchen, on the wall beneath your upper cabinets, and store salt, pepper, and other spices. Or try one above your bathroom sink for holding toiletries like toothbrushes, hair accessories, and more.

Rolling Drawers

Rolling drawers, baskets, and containers are perfect for storage in a bedroom or living room.

Shallow rolling drawers can be slid under a couch or bed. You can also raise your bed with the use of risers, and slide larger bins underneath. In the bedroom, use these rolling drawers to store out-of-season clothing, or sheets and blankets. In a living room, you can use them to store games and toys.

Baskets and Covered Boxes

Magazines in a basket.

Baskets and covered boxes are great for decorative storage. They not only hold a variety of items, but they look great in the home as well. Check any home store and you'll find a plethora of storage baskets and boxes in any style you might be looking for. Baskets are perfect for firewood, newspapers and magazines, blankets, pillows, and more. Covered boxes are great for closed storage and can be stacked in an empty corner to add design interest.

Benches and Ottomans

Benches and ottomans are great for putting up your feet and for additional seating. Buy a hollow storage bench or ottoman, and you have an instant hideaway for living room clutter. Use a storage bench or ottoman to store blankets, pillows, toys, blocks, and more. The list is endless.

Hooks and Bars

Plant boxes with hooks and white pitchers.

Adding hooks and bars to rooms in your home gives you an extra spot to hang items that you use often. Towel bars are perfect in the bathroom, but can also be placed on the end of an island to hold kitchen towels or a roll of paper towels. Hooks can be placed on a mudroom wall, twelve inches above the floor, for hanging shoes.

Kitchen Benches

It seems that kitchen benches are making a come back. They are certainly a great way to add additional seating at the table. However, they can also be a great way to build in some extra storage space.

If you have the space, a built-in kitchen bench is perfect for storing items that don't get used often. If you don't have a place for a built-in bench and table, consider purchasing a long and narrow separate bench that has storage underneath.

Under the Stairs

A staircase with shelving and storage space underneath.

The space under the stairs is often an awkward and unused space. But if you aren't using this space, you are missing a great opportunity. If you have the time and energy, this space is a great place to add a built-in bookcase or even a closet. If you are short on time, measure your space and add a premade bookcase or storage unit. Lastly, you can add shelves to the walls and top with baskets or covered boxes. If you implement one or more of the sneaky storage ideas above, you'll be well on your way to organizing your space and reducing clutter.