Snow Removal for Rock Driveways

What You'll Need
Snow or Leaf Blower

Removing snow from a rock driveway is not always an easy task. As rock driveways don't provide a smooth surface, the most common snow removal methods will most likely fail. However, alternative snow removal methods will get the job done.

Step 1: Remove Top Layer of Snow

The first step to removing the snow from your driveway is to use a snow blower on the surface snow. The surface snow is basically the top layer of snow. This can usually be removed fairly easily. Simply use the blower as you would if the driveway was covered in leaves. Do not aim the blower directly at the ground. Doing so could dislodge loose rocks.

If you are using an electrical blower, take care to protect the cables from the snow. This can be done by establishing control over cables by draping them over your shoulder as you work. Ideally, you should use the blower only on dry, powdery snow as it is not designed for use in wet conditions. Another useful tip is to use the blower 1 to 2 inches above the ground. This will protect you and others around you as it will prevent debris from blowing around.

Step 2: Using a Shovel for Deep Snow

Chances are that the leaf blower will not have removed all of the snow. If there is quite a lot of wet snow left, you should use a shovel to remove it. This will help to cut through the tougher layers of snow and leave you with an almost clear driveway. Use a shovel with a bent handle whenever possible. Try not to shovel too hard as that will remove the gravel from the driveway along with the snow. 

Step 3: Raking the Rest Away

When you are left with only a little snow on your driveway, a rake will help you to finish the job. You will need a strong, wide metal rake. Using the rake to loosen up the snow and ice will help it to spread out in a thinner layer. This makes it easier for the snow to melt in the sun. It can be a good idea to try to rake the snow and ice to the side of the driveway. This will make the driveway less dangerous to drive and walk on. You will need to be extremely careful when raking a rock driveway to prevent any damage.

Step 4: Using Commercial De-icer

There are times when even a rake won’t help you to remove all of the snow and ice on the driveway. If you are still left with snow on your rock driveway, a de-icer can be the best solution.

Any good commercial de-icer should work. Not only will it help to remove ice and snow, but it will also prevent it from building up again. The only thing that you need to consider is how environmentally friendly the de-icer is. Many de-icers are hazardous to wildlife and pets.

If you or your neighbors have pets that walk over the driveway, using a de-icer may not be a good idea. Instead, you should opt for rock salt which will do just as good a job.