Soffit Vents

A corner of a roof, with shingles, gutter, and eaves in view.

If you have an attic in your home, you need soffit vents. These are placed on the underside of your roof overhang, in between each rafter. They encourage good ventilation that will keep out moisture in winter and heat in the summer. Installing them is easy if you don’t already have some.

Installing Soffit Vents

Mark out the places on your soffit where the vents will go. They have to be between each rafter. Unless you have a stud finder, it can be difficult to find where the rafters are inside your soffit. One trick is to look for nails. Try to find the places where nails run in a straight line from the edge of the roof inward.

Choose what type of soffit vents you want. They should have a screen on them, but you can choose whatever shape you like. Drill holes into the corners of what you marked out. Place a saw into one of the holes and begin to cut out the shape. Install the soffit vents with screws.