Software for Home Energy Audits

Software for home energy audits can help to reduce the impact on the environment by helping us from wasting as much energy. In recent years more and more people have started to get concerned over the damage that we are causing to the planet.

Less Waste

Many people are conscience about the impact their lives have on the environment and so are interested in home energy auditing software. This software will not only help you look after the environment, but it can also reduce your monthly utility payments. Although most people are interested in protecting the environment, everybody is interested in saving money.

Saving Money

Few people bother to think about using home energy audit software during the spring and summer months because their bills are naturally much lower. The only time that most people will start to consider using audit software is when their bills are creeping up due to winter.

The changes you make will mainly depend on the age of your house and any weaknesses which have already been identified. The software will be able to find areas that you improve concerning your property.

Older houses are much less energy efficient, so you will likely need to do make improvements on these. Even though modern houses are more energy efficient you should still carry out an audit to find possible holes. In an older house there will be many more things you can do, including adding insulation and replacing the windows with double glazing. New houses may already have these features, but the software may still have other suggestions.

Choosing Home Audit Software

When you are looking for home energy auditing software it is important to consider a few things. First, you need to be able to enter various details including the ventilation and insulation of the attic. You should also be able to input information about your windows and the efficiency of your electrical appliances.

You will also find it useful if the software can be used to create a report that lists the Return on Investment. This shows how useful the changes will be to your finances. You will also be able to see how long it will take for the investment to pay for itself.

There should be a blower door or air duct test performed on the house. A blower door is a high velocity fan mounted in a covered frame that is inserted in an exterior door opening. The fan pressurizes or de-pressurizes the house to determine how "leaky" the house is, and the audit technician can determine where the air leaks are located in order that sealing can be performed.

Any good piece of software will be able to suggest improvements that can be made to your property, showing the significance of each change.

Saving energy in your home will require lots of small changes. Each change by itself may seem pretty insignificant. However, over time the effects of these tiny changes add up, helping protect the planet and saving money.