Solar Landscape Lighting

Solar landscape lighting is a cost-effective and virtually maintenance free and has recently become common among many homeowners.

Solar landscape lighting comes in a variety of styles from various manufacturers. Some new decorative models are made of die-cast metal for durability and styling detail.

While solar landscape lighting is practical for use in the majority of 50 states, it's important to consider where you plan to place the solar landscape lights and the surrounding geography of your home when selecting the kind of solar landscape light for your project. It is key to choose the right place for the photo-voltaic panel (PV) to receive sunlight. The PV panel charges the batteries that will power the lighting.

Most solar landscape lights will run for about eight to 10 hours per night, based on the amount of sunlight they receive during the day. This means your solar landscape lights should run all night during the summer, but don't expect them to do so in the winter. Even with improved bulbs and batteries, do not expect solar landscape lighting to be as bright as traditional low-voltage lighting.
Before you buy any solar landscape lights, check with the manufacturer or the store where you buy them on the availability of replacement bulbs and batteries. It will not do any good to install lighting that you cannot maintain. If you have the right location, solar landscape lighting can be a greenest way to light your landscape.