Solar Swimming Pool Heater: Wiring the Flow Control Valve

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  • 0-2 hours
  • Advanced
  • 100-450
What You'll Need
Flow control valve
Wire nuts
Plumbers tape

When you are equipping a solar swimming pool you have to install several new items including a flow control valve. The flow control valve diverts the pool water through the solar collector. These can be either manual or electronic valves.

Step 1 - Get Ready

You already have the panels installed so now you have to run the flow control valve into the lines along with a sensor that will tell it when to open and close. If you want, you can have one that you control by hand, but for a fully functional pool, you'll want to use the electronic kind. You will need to set this up near a power source or have an electrician run a power source to this valve. Your solar panels are on the roof so you are going to place that sender on top of the roof right below some of the panels. It will electronically let the valve know when to open or close.

Step 2 - Install the Valve

You are going to have two openings on either side of the valve that will fit into the piping of the water flow. You need to rut plumbers tape around each end of the adapters that are on the piping ready for the valve. Screw them into the valve on both sides, making sure you get a tight connection. You don't want leaks. Once you have the valve in place in the piping, plug in the sensor that came with the valve. You are going to have to take the sensor up to the roof and mount it if you haven't already taken care of this. Now mount the flow valve on the wall under the sensor. Plug it into the power source. Or if it has to be hard-wired, attach the ends of the wires that are color-coded out of the valve to the connections supplied by the electrician. Make sure the breaker to that power junction is turned off. Wire them together and put wire nuts on the ends to hold it tight. Put the wires into the junction box and tightly screw on the cover. You can now turn the breaker back on to this junction.

Step 3 - Test the Valve

To test this valve you will have to wait until the water is heated up in the panels. This valve has the job of sending the water to the pool or keeping it in the panels to heat up more. So once you start the solar pool running, you will be able to test the valve. Should there be any problem it will most likely be with the wiring, perhaps a loose connection that will have to be addressed.