Solar vs Electric Powered Outdoor Water Fountain

An outdoor water fountain is a beautiful addition to any home or landscape. Outdoor features add to the curb appeal and ability to sell the home for more than what you paid for it. Adding an outdoor water fountain to a garden is not that hard to do, but there are some things you need to consider. First, think about the amount of space you have so you can determine how large your outdoor water fountain can be. You also must decide whether you want a model that runs on electricity or on solar power. Read on to learn more about outdoor fountains so you can decide which type will best fit your needs.

Water Fountain Placement

To begin, think about where you can place a water fountain on your property. An electric fountain has limitations due to its electrical cord. You can solve this issue by using extension cords but this is not only slightly dangerous but expensive. The proper outdoor extension cords are typically orange and they stand out so you would need to camouflage them. A solar-powered outdoor water fountain is much easier to place on your property. The only limitation you will find with the solar powered water fountain is getting enough sunlight to power the water pump. You will need a location that gets several hours of direct sunlight. The plus side is that many of these fountains have the solar panels separate from the main unit so you can place it away from the fountain.

Consistency of Water Flow

When you have an outdoor water fountain you want it to work constantly and consistently. A solar powered water fountain is not always known for its consistency. This is because the solar panels do not get the required sun in order for it to work constantly. Once the power cells are depleted it will slow down and eventually stop until it can recharge the cells. And electrical water fountain is always plugged in and as long as you have the fountain turned on it will run consistently and continuously.

The Price Tag

Many times your budget will come into play when purchasing and outdoor water fountain. Price of a unit can mean a lot and the prices vary greatly. An electric water fountain is usually cheaper than a solar powered one but this is determined by the size of the fountain. Take into consideration the cost to run each of the water fountains. Even though the solar powered water fountain may cost more than the electric type, it can also save you money. A solar powered water fountain is constantly renewing its power source and will not cost you a dime to run.


The look of the water fountain can impact which one you'll eventually purchase. There is more variety with an electric water fountain than with solar powered versions. Prices will range according to materials and other features.