Solutions for a Noisy Motor in Your Rolling Shutters

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Motorized rolling shutters on a window or a door tend to get noisy when some parts are loose, not in their proper locations, not lubricated, or corroded. To fix the problem, here are some solutions.

1. Lubrication

Motor parts require lubrication in order to work properly. When the gears, wheels, and other moving metal parts are not well-lubricated, they tend to become noisy. Lubrication does not only repair the noise, it also makes the motor work more efficiently. Do not make use of thick lubricant oils or grease. Use only a lubricant that is recommended by the manufacturer or look for good products recommended by other well-informed users found the internet.

To lubricate the individual metal parts inside the motor, locate the motor and remove the covering. This usually requires removing the cover box located on top of the rolling shutter unit. Ask for assistance when doing this as the box may be too heavy for one person to carry.

2. Repairs

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A noisy motor can also be caused by damaged or loose parts. To inspect the motor for damage, remove the covering to expose it. Make sure that the motor is disconnected from the power source. Visually inspect all parts to see if any of them are loose. Check the wheel and the reel as well to see if they are in correct position. Re-attach the reel if it is slightly off the wheel. Make sure that the slats are not causing issue as well. Any misaligned slat can cause a good deal of noise during operation.

Check for any signs of damage on the motor parts. Individual motor parts that are damaged should be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid further damage and noise. Be sure to check for loose joints and mounting hardware as well. If there are any loose screws, tighten them. Check all mounting bolts and other mounting hardware.

3. Replace Corroded Parts

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Inspect the motor gears and see if they are rusted or corroded. Rusty metal gears tend to create noise during operations. If the gears are not overly corroded, remove them and clean the rusty surfaces to avoid having it spread to the other parts of the machine. Inspect other motor parts for any signs of rust and corrosion. Slightly rusty parts can be cleaned with rust-removing cleaners, but overly corroded parts should be replaced.

4. Replace the Entire Motor

A motor in good condition can be repaired to get rid of the noise; but an old inefficient motor can be replaced entirely with a better, more efficient motor. Old motors have the tendency to become less efficient and therefore cause noise during operation. Purchase a brand new motor that offers better resistance to rust, features noise-resistant parts, and other advantageous properties. Remove the old motor by following the instructions carefully on the service manual. Make sure to ask for assistance as this may require more than one pair of hands. Install the motor as per manufacturer’s instructions and test the rolling shutters.