Solve Problems with Your Pocket Door Hanger

Pocket door hangers located in the pockets of the walls can be quite challenging to install and remove. Fortunately, most types of pocket door hangers are very durable and easy to maintain so troubleshooting problems on these hangers is not really a problem. Below are some of the most common problems that you may encounter with your pocket door hangers and some tips on how to solve these problems.

Wheels and Rollers

If have wheels and rollers are stuck, you need to clean the tracks and lubricate the metal parts of the wheels and rollers. After cleaning the tracks and lubricating the metal parts, try to roll the hangers back and forth. Do this until the wheels and rollers move smoothly along the tracks.

Dents in the Tracks

Dents in the tracks can hamper the movement of the wheels and rollers. To solve the problem, use a hammer to gently tap the dents on the metal tracks. Do this until the metal straightens up and the wheels are able to pass through the tracks without problems.

Door Rubbing on the Split Jamb

If the door rubs on the split jamb making it difficult for you to close it properly, you need to check the clearance between the each side of the door. You need to maintain a clearance of around 3/16th of an inch between the side of the door and the jamb to make it easy for you to open and close your pocket door.