Soundproofing a Laminate Wood Floor - Part 1

soundproofing underlayment beneath laminate flooring

Soundproofing a floor under a laminate or wood floor is necessary to cut down on the amount of noise that the flooring makes. This may be important if you are irritated by the noisy nature of the flooring in your home or if you receive complaints from neighbors or fellow tenants about your floor. The process of soundproofing a laminate or wood floor involves removing the existing flooring and placing an acoustic or floating floor underneath that acts as a cushion barrier.

This first part in this 2-part how-to article discusses the process for acquiring the necessary materials and preparing the flooring for installation. The process for installing the soundproofing is labor-intensive so prepare to take the necessary steps while working on this project.

Measure the Floor Area

tape measure and hammer on wood floor

Before you begin the process of installing soundproofing for your laminate or wood floor, the first step in the process is to measure the floor in order to determine the amount of flooring that you need to purchase for the project. You will need to obtain the total area of the room in which the installation is going to take place. This can be accomplished by measuring the length of the room and the width, multiplying those numbers together to determine the total square footage. Taking these measurements will give you the square footage measurements that you need in order to order the materials for your soundproofing installation.

Purchase Materials for the Installation

With the measurements that you obtained in the first step of this process, go to a home improvement center or carpet and flooring store in order to purchase the soundproofing flooring for your laminate or wood floor. The best type of material for this type of project is an acoustic floor underlayment. Based on the budget that you have set aside for this installation, purchase the material that will give you the best sound insulation factor for the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

Prepare the Floor for Installation

If the floor surface that the soundproof flooring is going to be installed on is bare, simply take a shop vacuum or broom and clean up all of the debris in order to prepare the floor for the soundproofing installation. If you have an existing laminate or wood floor in place, you need to remove the old flooring. Use a pry bar or hammer to loosen the floorboards in order to remove them. Work carefully in order to keep the boards intact so that you can easily reinstall them after the installation of the soundproofing.

These steps complete the first part of the process for installing soundproofing under laminate or wood flooring. The second part of this how-to will focus on the actual installation of the soundproofing material.