Soundproofing Material Installation Guide

soundproofing a ceiling
  • 1-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-2,000

Whether you are installing soundproofing material as part of new construction or in an already constructed room, you will need to carefully follow instructions so that the room will be protected from sound as well as possible.

New Construction Installation

Fiberglass Insulation—Enclose the walls by installing drywall on one side of the wall framing after the plumbing and electrical wiring has been installed. Pack fiberglass batting in between the framing studs. The batting needs to be packed tightly, since the denser the insulation, the more effective the soundproofing will be.

Soundproof Wall Coverings—This material can be purchased in rolls or rigid panels from home improvement centers. Install the wall coverings over the wall framing and then drywall as you would normally.

Existing Construction Installation

soundproofing tiles

Cellulose or Expandable Foam Insulation—Cut small holes at the top of the wall between the wall studs. If you are installing cellulose, use a blower (these can be rented at home improvement centers) to place the insulation between the wall studs. If installing expandable foam insulation, spray the insulation down the holes between the wall studs. The foam will quickly expand to fill the space between the studs. Repair the holes with new drywall and paint.

Soundproof Wall Covering—Similar to the installation above, nail or screw soundproof wall covering material panels over the existing drywall. This material is easy to paint to match existing walls.