Space Heaters: Bathroom Warmth Made Easy

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What You'll Need
Electric heater
What You'll Need
Electric heater

A simple, inexpensive, and quick way to add warmth to your home without affecting your heating bill is to add a space heater to the bathroom.

Safety First

The safest types of space heaters are electric, especially for a small, enclosed space like a bathroom. An electric heater can be plugged into an existing outlet and will not emit any dangerous fumes or gases. The heat level can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

To avoid an accidental fire, place the heater in an area clear of flammable objects. The front of the heater should face into the room with no obstruction. All towels, shower curtains, and even toilet paper should be kept away from it. Check that the heater has an automatic safety mechanism built into it that shuts the heater off if it is tipped over. Position it on a countertop so that no one will trip on it. As with any electrical appliance, keep water away from your space heater.

Heater Types

There are 2 types of electric space heaters, which are forced air and radiant heat. Forced air heaters operate by blowing warm air through a grill via an enclosed fan. This type of heater heats a room quickly, but it may have a lower heat plateau and can be more expensive to run.

Radiant heaters work by heating metal coils or rods which are also contained behind a protective grill. The heat emanates from the unit slowly and continuously, resulting in a capacity for more heat overall. Radiant heaters use less energy because there is no fan.