Spacing Jasmine along Your Fence

What You'll Need
Cotton seed meal

Jasmine makes a great border around fences. The leaves have a nice growing pattern, and the scent is recognized around the world. As a small shrub, jasmine does not obstruct vision, but creates an appealing trim for the landscape.

Jasmine Spacing Layout

Jasmine can be planted as close as 18 inches apart. If you only have a few plants available, begin by measuring out the distance to be covered and determine how far apart the plants need to be for equal spacing. Try to keep the spacing at 6 feet or less to hold the continuity of the landscape design.

Planting Jasmine

A jasmine plant requires medium to rich soil. Before planting, mix a shovelful of compost into the soil, along with about 1/4 cup of cotton seed meal. Do not pack the soil tightly around the roots, and water the soil thoroughly. Water the plants 2 to 3 times a day for the first week, and then the plants should be established enough to grow on their own.

Why Jasmine Works Well

Jasmine plants grow a dense leaf structure, and the small flowers are extremely fragrant. Spacing jasmine plants around your fence provides a natural perfume for the whole area, and gives your patio or garden a fresh look and enticing atmosphere.