Spacing Seeds Properly In Your Square Foot Garden

Successful square foot gardening comes from appropriately distributing your plants in the space. Consider not only how many seeds to plant in each divot, but also how to thin your plants once they start growing. To get the best results from your square foot garden you need to plan ahead for your spacing issues.

Planting a Pinch of Seeds

Read the back of your seed packets to determine how to distribute them. Consider not only how far apart each seed needs to be from the next seed of the same type, but how far it should be from the next different plant. Look at both the seed to seed distance and the row to row distance. Don’t overcrowd your seeds. Dig divots and plant a pinch of seeds in each one.

Thinning Seedlings

Once your plants have sprouted, they must be thinned out so that they have enough space to grow. Thinning seedlings is easy:

  1. Insert your garden shovel next to your seedling.
  2. Push down to get below the root structure.
  3. Pop the seedlings up.
  4. Divide each seedling group into individual plants.
  5. Replant your seedlings, spacing them according to their growth needs.