Spanish House Design Ideas

Building a Spanish house style brings an historic touch to any neighborhood. These homes are generally designed to be spacious and airy. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate in to your Spanish style home.

Incorporate Textures

Many Spanish style homes are finished with stucco or other mud like materials. You can incorporate this unique texture throughout the inside of your home as well. You can also use a combination of finishes to add a neat look. Consider using swirls in the stucco, or other patterns. This can be achieved easily by alternating the brush strokes when the stucco is applied.


Most Spanish style homes use vibrant colors reminiscent of the Mediterranean region. Lush greens, berry reds, ocean blues are all common in the Spanish home designs. You can use these on the outside of the house in variations.


When designing your Spanish style home, make room for big green gardens. These add to the overall design of the home and will give it a more authentic feel. You may want to bring some of this to the interior of your home as well. Consider using a solarium or sunroom filled with lush greenery, or adding a terrarium built in to the home’s rooms.