Spanish Living Room Furniture Sets That Will Amaze

Spanish design furniture in an entryway
  • 1-20 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-5,000

When it comes to Spanish style living room furniture sets, there is no doubt about their elegant beauty. Spanish living room sets are recognized by their stature and color palette.

Typically, Spanish living room furniture sets are bold, large, and more ornamental than most living room furniture sets. They are also grand in their color scheme, oftentimes utilizing strikingly bright bold colors and accents such as gold combined with distinctive materials such as leather. For ornamentation, wrought iron, inlays, wood turning, and more are all used to make these pieces stand out.

Big and Bold Living Room Furniture Sets

Possibly the most noted Spanish style sets are the rolled arm sofas and loveseats. These sofas are usually made of a dark wood color such as walnut and have carvings along the wood exposed areas.

Having a larger set of sofas adds a dramatic and strong presence in a home. Most times people will use this style in entry room areas where their presence needs to be noted and regal.

Spanish Style Chests

chair with floral print and dark wood legs

Chests are often used in Spanish style décor. They are used for many purposes including seating, tables, decoration and storage. When they are used for seating, they are covered in a material that acts as cushions for comfort. Large chests draw attention and catch the eye of anyone in the room.

The Papalera

Most noted of all Spanish pieces is the papalera. Its main use was to store items in a home. This style dates far back in time and is still currently being used inside homes today.

People store expensive items in this piece of furniture ranging from jewelry pieces to silver dishes. The papalera looks as though it is very low to the ground. This is due to the leg placement and rounded feet. There are usually six and sometimes eight drawers that are adorned with gold pull handles to open them. It too has intricate carvings and serves as a centerpiece for any living room or dining room set.

Although Spanish style furniture is bold, it does not take much furniture to fill the room. In this sense, less is more. Each piece is designed to be a focal piece. Therefore, if there are too many pieces, it will become overdone. When looking for true Spanish style living room furniture sets, keep this in mind.