Spider Control: How to Eliminate Them from Your Backyard Shed

What You'll Need
Lavender oil
Lemon oil
Vanilla extract
Vanilla beans
Vegetable oil
Coconut oil
Hedge apples

Spider control can be a little hard, especially in a backyard shed. A lot of the spiders we see do not pose a serious threat, yet a lot of us cringe when we see them. No matter what you try to do to keep spiders outside from unwanted areas, we are more than likely going to see one every now and then. Spiders are already outside insects, so you are more than likely going to see them in your backyard shed. There are over 100K spiders worldwide. We cannot avoid these spiders 100%, but we can ward them off with a few products that are not harmful insecticides. Some of the items and steps to use to eliminate spiders from your backyard shed are listed below. These items are all natural and will not harm your pets.

Step 1 - The Vinegar and Coconut Oil Method

Warm some solid coconut oil in order to make it liquefy. Add the same amount of cider vinegar and mix them together well. Pour this mixture into an easy to spray bottle. Spray this mixture in the corners of the backyard shed along the floor and the corners along the roof. Vinegar smells really strong and has a scent that will last a few days. The area you spray in the shed will be free of spiders. Since this will last a few days, it may be necessary to repeat the application once every 4 or 5 days.

Step 2 - Vegetable Oil and Vanilla

Mix pure vanilla extract with vegetable oil. Mix the same amounts of the two. You can use small containers or bowls (even bottle caps) and strategically place these in the corners and window sills of the backyard shed. This mixture produces an unpleasant smell and will deter spiders from coming in the shed. This mixture, depending on the size bowl or bottle cap, should last about 2 weeks. 

Step 3 - Mint

This is one smell that spiders absolutely cannot stand. All it takes is a few drops of mint oil sprinkled about in the shed. Pay extra attention to corners since this is where they dwell. Any cracks or crevices should be sprinkled with the mint oil. This not only repels spiders, but it can deter snakes and odor.

Step 4 - Lavender and Lemon

A lot of us love the scent of lavender. This is another smell that spiders cannot stand. If you have cotton balls, soak them with the essential oils of lavender (or lemon) and place them in the corners of your backyard shed and in the windowsill (if your shed has one). This will send spiders on their way. Though hard to find, dried lavender twigs would make a great repellent also.