Sponge Roller Vs. Sponging

You can sponge paint with a variety of tools including a sponge roller. Many people who do not have experience with sponge painting are confused about the difference between hand sponging and using a sponge roller. Read on to learn the differences between the two so you have a better idea of which tool to use to get the effect you desire.

Hand Sponging Creates a Variety of Effects

Hand sponging is an artistic avenue that can be used to paint any surface. The main advantage of hand sponging is the fact that you can create a large assortment of textures. Loading your sponge with a lot of paint creates a gloppy sponged texture whereas using the sponge with a small amount of paint creates a mossy appearance.

Sponge Roller Painting Creates an Overall Cover Effect

Using a sponge roller is the best way to boldly cover a large surface area. A sponge roller can hold a large amount of paint and easily and evenly dispenses it on any flat, paintable surface. The main advantage of using a sponge roller is the fact that the rolling action will spread a good amount of paint over a large surface area. This results in an even coat that is easy to control and disperse.