Sponge Painting

What You'll Need
Armaly ProPlus Painting Sponges
Latex Paint
Latex Glazing Liquid
Paint Tray(s)
Palettes and/or Plastic Plates
Armaly ProPlus Fiber Wipes for clean up
Armaly ProPlus Fiber Drop Cloths
Tape for masking

The variations are unlimited depending on the color you select for your base coat, the number of glaze colors used and how lightly or heavily you apply the glaze(s). Armaly ProPlus Painting Sponges are available in fine, medium or coarse textures. The irregular shape and surface of the sponge will help you create effects from subtle to bold.


  1. Paint your base coat with a latex satin or semi-gloss paint and allow to dry.
  • Tip: If painting over oil base paint with latex use a primer first to promote paint adhesion.
  • Make glaze.
  • Dampen the painting sponge in water and squeeze out excess.
  • Pour a small amount of the glazing mixture onto tray or palette. Dip the sponge into the glaze (do not overload). Blot excess glaze on edge of tray.
  • Dab the sponge on the wall, continually changing the position of the sponge by turning and twisting your hand between dabs to vary the pattern.
    • Tip: Rinse the sponge if it becomes clogged.
  • Continue working the entire wall until finished. Stand back frequently to judge uniformity of your finish. Try to keep the pattern consistent and even.
  • When using more than one color, sponge the entire surface with the first color, then proceed with the second and/or third colors. Remember that the color you want to show most should be the last color used.
    • Tip: A good way to achieve extra depth is by using several tones of the same color.
  • To vary the effects, use the fine, medium and coarse Armaly ProPlus Painting Sponge on the same wall.
  • To clean your Armaly ProPlus Painting Sponge, rinse with water until it runs clear.
    • Tip: Always experiment first on sample board. Use a clean palette and sponge for each other. Don't ignore the corners. Use small pieces of sponge or q-tips to get into those small spaces

    Courtesy of Armaly ProPlus