Spot Cleaning A Fabric Desk Chair

Your fabric desk chair may have some spots and stains that need to be cleaned off. Fortunately, spot cleaning can quickly and efficiently clean those stains off your chair. Read the below material in order to get those stains removed with spot-cleaning.

What is the Material of the Chair?

The first step in determining which is the right product and method for cleaning your chair is to determine the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning the material. Every fabric desk chair should have a tag with specific directions on what type of cleaning solution to use. For example, a tag with a "W" means you must use a water-based solution. A tag with an "S" means you must use a solvent-based solution. A tag with an "SW" means use either a solvent or water based-foam cleaner. Once you've determined the right cleaning product to use, you can begin to spot-clean your chair.

Why Should I Spot Clean?

Spot cleaning is important because it allows you to focus on the areas that are the dirtiest rather than soaking the entire chair. Vacuuming the chair first is always important to remove the loose debris and dirt from the fabric. The last thing you want to do is waste expensive cleaning solution scrubbing out dirt that could’ve easily been vacuumed up. After you’ve thoroughly vacuumed the chair, you can apply the proper cleaning solution.

How Does it Work?

It’s always important to dampen the area before applying the correct solution. Check the directions on the cleaning solution to determine what is the best process and method for cleaning with this particular type. Some solutions require longer to soak into the fabric than other types of cleaners. Determining the proper amount of time will help maximize the effectiveness of the cleaner. Once the details have been determined, clean, scrub, rub, or do as listed by the manufacturer to the stain of the chair.