Spotting and Eliminating Aphid Eggs In Soil

What You'll Need
Garden trash bags
Hand tools
Aluminum foil

An aphid infestation can literally suck the life out of your plants if they are not dealt with as a matter of urgency. The unfortunate thing about aphids is that they breed quickly and become highly concentrated in a short space of time. There are various methods to get rid of them but one of the most important aspects of killing them off is to act quickly. It is important to know how to spot and eliminate aphid eggs in soil.

Step 1 – Act Early

Aphids on their own are quite tiny and can be difficult to spot. By the time you do see them, they are likely to be quite concentrated. This means that spotting the eggs of the aphids is even more difficult. Aphids tend to lay their eggs near browning leaves and rotting foliage. The best defense against these eggs is to clean out your flower beds and dispose of rubbish. Be sure to rake leaves and dig out any plants that may not have survived the frost. Don’t leave them in the ground or the aphid eggs will prosper.

Step 2 - Spray Spices

There are several preventative sprays that can be used in the early spring to keep the aphids out and stop them from laying their eggs. Many of these sprays are natural and free of chemicals. Items such as sea weed, hot pepper and coriander spray are detested by aphids and many of their unwelcome friends. They are also free of toxins and will not harm other animals or birds that visit the garden.

Step 3 - Hit Back with Herbs

By planting herbs such as Basil, Mint and chives, you will keep aphids and their eggs out of your soil. Aphids do not like the smells from these spices and will stay away. As a reward, the garden will be full of fresh herbs in the spring time for general kitchen use.

Step 4 - Go Bananas!

Save your banana peels and start mulching them into your garden or flower beds. Aphids dislike bananas and will most likely stay away from them. The banana peels will also provide your soil with plenty of key nutrients that will be highly beneficial.

Step 5 - Foil Them!

Take some aluminum foil and line the bottom of your garden with it. Make sure that the shiny side is facing up so that it reflects the sun. This will create a large amount of light that will scare the aphids away. No aphids, no eggs.

Step 6 - Ladies First!

Introducing some insects that destroy aphids is an excellent and safe way to rid your garden of the adults and their eggs. The best known of these is the ladybug. Ladybugs can be found in abundance and will be more than happy to feast on the aphids and their offspring. Other alternatives include certain breeds of wasp and lace wings. Introducing these insects offers a natural way of chasing the aphids away.