Spray Car Wax vs Standard Car Wax

Spray car wax is an alternative to the traditional car wax in a can. There are a few pros and cons about the two types of wax.

Spray Car Wax

This type of wax has only been popular for a few years, especially with owners of cars with clear coat finishes or people strapped for time. This product is a time save over traditional paste type waxes. After your car has been washed and polished you can apply this wax. All you need to do is spray it on the car and buff it off, you don't have to wait for it dry to a haze then buff. Many people find that it shines equally well as paste polish without all the work. The downside of this product is the price is higher than traditional wax. Some people also have the opinion that it takes more than one bottle to do an entire car. On the average this shine will last 4 to 5 months.

Standard Car Wax

Standard car wax is the type that's been around for generations. It comes by various brand names with varying degrees of carnauba wax. Generally the higher the price the greater the percentage of carnauba, but overall it is less expensive than spray wax. It must be applied to the car, allowed to dry to a haze, then buffed off, so it can be time consuming. Many car buffs feel that this wax is far superior to spray wax as it gives a thicker coat and the shine and protection can last up to 1 year.