Spray Foam Insulation: Using a Fusion Gun

Spray foam insulation is a great way to quickly insulate your house. The Graco Fusion gun is the newest and easiest gun to use for sparing foam insulation. This article will give some pointers to help make your spray foam application much easier.

Keep it Clean

When using a fast set, plural-component type of foam, which this gun is especially designed for, it’s imperative that you keep the gun clean. For this purpose, Graco has made the Fusion gun with the ability to clean or purge itself using a variety of methods. The quickest and easiest method to use during the day is the air blast cleaning purge. This method blows a blast of air through the gun to remove any polyurea buildup inside the mix chamber. It also sprays a high pressure blast across the tip for cleaning.

Timing is Everything

When using the type of spray foam the Fusion gun is designed for, it’s important to remember that the mixture sets very quickly once the compounds have had a chance to mix together.  The polyurea begins to expand the instant the components mix, so be sure to use smooth strokes when spraying.

Proprietary Design

The Graco Fusion gun is specifically designed to work other Graco equipment, such as the Reactor proportioning system for plural-component foams. Use of the Fusion gun with equipment from other manufacturers will deliver substandard results.