Spread Your Ice Plant Ground Cover

Ice plants can be used as ground cover for the dry and hot areas of your garden, where other perennial plants do not grow. They are native to South Africa and store water in their leaves, which appear round and fleshy. The leaves of the ice plant glisten in sunlight. Most of the ice plants have glitzy flowers that cover the ground like a carpet.

The plant attains full bloom in just four months after the planting of seeds. These plants are an integral part of dry-climate or water-saving gardens and thrive with little or even no care. 

Planting Ice Plant Seeds

Plant the seeds at a distance of one foot at the center of an open space. You can either scatter seeds or sow soft stems from plants that have not started flowering. These plants start blooming in a few months, and you must regularly water them by using an overhead sprinkler.

Conditions for the Growth of Ice Plants

All the ice plants are tolerant to conditions such as low water supply, poor soil conditions and high temperature.

Tips to Create an Even Ground Cover

You can start growing ice plants in rows of 5 to 10, which helps them to grow evenly. Adding light fertilizer before planting the seeds and keeping the soil moist can help the plants to grow as the perfect perennial ground cover.