Spring Cleaning for the Lazy Person

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You’ve been cooped up all winter with the winter blahs and now that it’s over you’re excited to open the windows and let in the fresh air. Unfortunately, you’ve let the house turn into a dustbunny’s dream home and before you can go out and enjoy the sunny weather, you’ve got to do some spring cleaning. There is no shame in being a lazy spring cleaner. No one really wants to spend their day rooting around closets and wiping down shelves, but luckily there are ways to pass the time and a few shortcuts to make things easier.

The Bare Minimum

There are people who spend days cleaning their house in the spring. They hit every room, every corner and every nook and cranny there is. They are the ones with a fleet of trash bags on the curb come garbage day. Spring cleaning traditionally entails more than just sweeping up a few things. It’s about decluttering your home and starting fresh.

Spring Cleaning for the Lazy Person, vacuum, chores, dusting

That’s for everyone else. The bare minimum for the lazy spring cleaner means simply making the house look nice. You don’t even have to do every room, if there are rooms you hardly ever go in. Trash needs to be picked up, floors should be swept and mopped, dishes should be done, etc. If people look inside your house through an open window, then they should see something clean and neat.

Making Spring Cleaning Fun

This may seem impossible, but there are ways you can make cleaning a fun activity.

Dance - One of the easiest is to listen to some up-tempo music as you clean. This not only helps pass the time, but also keeps your body moving and puts you in a good mood. Try to avoid slow, sad songs as they will lower your energy and depress you. Nothing will kill the cleaning spirit more than being depressed.

Play - You can also try to make spring cleaning a game. Try and beat your time for sweeping the floor or play trash basketball. When you make something a game, you’re turning something that you hate into something fun. You can fool your brain into thinking you’re not actually doing work. Having a positive mindset when doing a task is important to getting it done as fast as you can.

Party - If the doldrums got you down and you just can’t muster the effort to do it, then try enlisting some friends to help. Your children, spouse and even close friends can help you clean the house. You may need to bribe them with a reward, but ultimately, having multiple people helping you out makes the work go faster and the chatting and camaraderie created can actually make it fun.

Cake - Even if you're alone, don’t forget to give yourself rewards for completing certain tasks. This gives you something to look forward to and to clean faster. It can be a 15-minute rest period after doing the dishes or grabbing that last slice of chocolate cake after sweeping the floor. Incentives work wonders for people’s attitudes towards work.