Square Foot Area Methods of Measuring

Using the above diagram as an example, figure the amount of wallcovering that will be needed to hang the room. The figure of 384 square feet has not taken into account the square footage of the doors and windows. Subtract the actual square footage of each opening - 21 square feet for the door, and 12 square feet for each of the windows. 384 square feet - 45 square feet (21 + 12 + 12 = 45) = 339 square feet of wallspace that will be covered with wallcovering. If you are using a wallcovering with a pattern repeat of 8 inches, figure that each metric single roll will contain 22 square feet of usable wallcovering, 339 square feet (the amount of wallspace from above that will be hung) divided by 22 square feet (from Usable Yield Chart) which equals 15.4, or round up to 16 metric single rolls that will be needed to hang the example toom (8 metric rolls).

The equation would look like this:

384 sq. ft. (room size)
-21 sq. ft. (one standard door)
-12 sq. ft. (one standard window)
-12 sq. ft. (one standard window)

=339 sq. ft. of wallspace that will be hung

339 sq. ft. / 22 sq. ft. = 15.4 msr to hang the room, rounded up to 16 msr.

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