Squirrel-Proofing Your Garbage Can

What You'll Need
Garlic oil
Moth balls
Hot pepper sauce and water solution
Metal cans
Small net bags
Bungee cords or elastic straps
Bar latches (dowel, rod, etc.)

Squirrel proof your garbage can with a few simple steps.

1. Use Metal Cans

Squirrels love to gnaw and chew. Plastic trash cans aren't much of a deterrent, but metal ones are.

2. Use Tight Fitting Lids

Keep the lids secured. If you can't keep your lid on the trash, you're not going to be able to keep the squirrels or other pests out of it. Use bungee cords or elastic bands to secure your lids as well.

3. Location

Put your cans in a enclosed area where they can't be knocked over. If possible, construct a can-shed where you can enclose the garbage. If you don't want to enclose your garbage, then rig a system where a dowel, rod or other bar latches over your trash can lid.

4. Squirrel Resistant Cans

If you're considering buying new cans, look for squirrel resistant ones, or cans with latches that can be secured.

5. Deterrant Methods

If you're still having squirrel problems, use a mixture of one part hot pepper sauce and four parts water. Spray the pepper mixture on and around your trash cans and storage area. Additional deterrents like garlic oil and moth balls tied to small net bags and placed around the trash can have also been reported to be effective.