Stacked Stone Wall Repair

What You'll Need
Hammer and chisel
Stakes and String
Safety gloves and glasses

Performing a stacked stone wall repair does not have to be a difficult task. Dry stack stone walls are an attractive feature in many gardens, but they are also prone to becoming damaged through knocks and dents. Repairing a dry stone wall will take a little bit of effort, but with some hard work and the right skills, you should be able to complete a stacked stone wall repair in less than a day.

Step 1 - Assess the Damage

The first thing that you will need to do is to assess the damage. Clear away any broken pieces of stone, and use your brush to sweep away stone chips and debris. Check for bigger fragments by lightly tapping the stones with your hammer, as loose pieces of wall will fall away. Don't be afraid to remove large chunks. You can make a pile of the loose stones away from the wall. Now look to see how bad the damage is: If it seems too much for you to handle, it may be a good idea to call in a wall repair expert.

Step 2 - Mix Your Cement

Once you feel confident that you have disposed of all the large fragments of stone, and are capable of fixing the wall, begin making your cement. You should try and make the cement as close to the color of the stones, and any cement previously used to repair the wall. Add your sand until the mixed material resembles that of the older pieces in the wall. Don't make the cement too thin, as this will prevent it from properly sticking to the stone. You can test a sample of your cement mixture by placing it on a piece of wood, and rapid-drying it using a hairdryer, in order to better compare how the old and new will compare when they are all dry.

Step 3 - Use the Cement on the Wall

Once your cement is ready, place as much of the wall back together as you can, using cleaned and dampened stones. Fill in areas where the stones have been too badly damaged to fix, and push the cement into any cracks. If the bottom of the wall has been damaged, then you may need to remove all of the stones, and build the foundations again.

Step 4 - Rebuild the Wall

Remove the viable stones from the damaged area, and lay them down nearby. You may consider placing the more damaged stones close at hand, to be used on the bottom of the wall. Put some of your cement into the foundation, and then lay the stones down at the bottom, pressing down firmly. Repeat this process until you have rebuilt the wall.

Step 5 - Support the Wall

Once the stones are in place, you can support the new cement by using stakes and string. Place the stakes in the ground next to the cement foundations, and stretch string between the stakes until they are supporting the stones. These stakes can be removed once the cement is holding the stones firmly in place.