Stain a Shadow Box Fence in 7 Steps

What You'll Need
Foam brush
Drop cloth
Step ladder
Wood putty
Sand paper
Wood block

Among the many different kinds of fences you can choose for your landscape, a shadow box fence is a very attractive option. A fence is a great addition to your landscaping for privacy, keeping boundary lines, and enclosing small pets so they can run free around the yard. A shadow box fence is a unique design that will add some character and dramatic play with certain lighting conditions.

The basic construction of a shadow box fence is with vertical 4 to 6 inch wide planks that are attached to a horizontal stringer. These planks are alternated on either side of the stringer to form a shadow box presentation. Staining this type of fence is very important to protect it from weather conditions and bugs that find their home in wood. Here are some simple steps to follow when staining your shadow box fence.

Step 1: Determine the Right Day to Start

You will need a few days of good sun in order to stain your shadow box fence. Check the weather conditions for the upcoming week and determine the best two days to get started with your staining project. It doesn't have to be extremely hot, just sunny.

Step 2: Rinse off Shadow Box Fence

Before you stain the fence you will need to make sure that there isn't any large pieces of dirt or debris on it. Use your hose with a sharp stream to knock loose any built up dirt. After you have rinsed off the boards they will need to dry before doing any staining.

Step 3: Fill in Any Holes

If you notice that there are some problem spots with some of the wood on your shadow box fence, then fill them with wood putty. Press the putty into the cracks, gouges, or chips in the wood until they are full of it. Sand off the excess once it is dry with a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a block of wood.

Step 4: Protect Landscaping

Spread out a lightweight drop cloth onto the surrounding area so the stain does not drop onto any plants, flowers, shrubs or grass. Protecting the flora around the fence is very important as it can lead to problems with the plant from the chemicals in the stain.

Step 5: Fill Sprayer

Fill the spray reservoir with the stain that you are going to use. Start at the very beginning of your shadow box fence and start spraying from the top down. Use even up and down strokes until the entire surface is covered. Do about 6 feet of fence at a time and then go over with a brush.

Step 6: Use Foam Brush

After you have sprayed for about six feet of fence, you will now need to go back and get the places the sprayer did not reach. Use a foam brush and keep the coloring the same.

Step 7: Repeat and Finish

To finish your shadow box fence, just repeat the spraying process and touching up with the brush. You will get an even coating all the way around your fence.