Staining Log Siding Homes: Mistakes to Avoid

A log siding home can prove to be both practical and picturesque as a primary residence or second home. Applying stain to the wood can give you the exact look you want to blend in with the surroundings. Staining exterior wood, however, can be tricky. Here are three common mistake you'll want to avoid when undertaking this project.

Mistake 1 - Using the Wrong Equipment

Avoid using a roller when painting a log siding home, which can prevent the color from being applied accurately. Using a paintbrush will ensure full coverage of the stain over the surface, allowing all edges and corners to be reached.

Mistake 2 - Failing to Perform the Necessary Prep Work

You will need to prepare the surface of your log siding home to accept the application of the stain. At best, this will mean scrubbing it to clean away any debris and pollutants, at worst, it means undertaking some repair work to rectify any defects. If necessary, remove any discoloration to the wood with sandpaper.

Mistake 3 - Using Poor Application Techniques

The technique you use when applying stain to a log siding home is important as it determines the quality of the results. Drip marks can be avoided by not overloading the paintbrush and by using long, smooth strokes. Should more than one coat be necessary, allow the first to dry completely before continuing.