Installing a Stainless Steel Backsplash

  • 4-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-1,000
What You'll Need
Kraft paper (to use as a template)
Stainless steel back splash (cut to order by professionals)
Masking or painters tape
Caulking gun
Putty knife
Sharp utility knife
Construction adhesive
80 grit sandpaper
Isopropyl alcohol

Modern looking and functional steel is the look of today. Anyone considering updating their kitchen is bound to be thinking about stainless appliances and a perfect compliment to stainless steel appliances is a back splash also made from stainless steel. Most people just assume that installing these modern, stylish back splashes are a job for professionals only. But in reality installing a stainless steel back splash is a job that most handy homeowners can take on themselves. The most critical part is ensuring the steel is cut to fit exactly, and that is a job for professionals. However, if your can measure accurately, you can make a template for the pros to use. All that’s left is the actual installation and that only requires common inexpensive tools, so there’s no reason why you can’t install your own stainless steel back splash. Here’s how.

Preparing to Install Your Backsplash

Begin by shutting of f the power to any outlets in the area you will be working, then remove all the switch and receptacle covers.

Starting at one end of the wall, tape the Kraft paper to the end, then unroll the paper along the wall, taping it firmly in place as you move along.

Once the entire back splash area is covered, use your utility knife and cut the top and bottom of the paper to fit tightly into the back splash area. Next, cut out the openings for each of the receptacles and switches.

Now carefully remove the Kraft paper template. You can now use this template to order your new back splash from a sheet metal fabricator, your home store or even some places online.

While you are waiting for your new backs plash, use the time to clean up the wall to remove any residual grease or dirt and then sand it to provide a good gripping surface for the construction adhesive.

Installing Your Steel Backsplash

Installation begins by covering the counter with newspaper of old towels to prevent the sharp edges of the back splash from cutting or nicking the counter surface.

Apply the construction adhesive to the back of the back splash. Run a bead with the caulking gun then spread it out evenly with the putty knife.

Carefully position the new backs plash close to the wall and starting at one end, press it firmly against the wall. You can use a rolling pin to smooth the back splash in place and remove any air bubbles.

Hold the back splash in place by taping it until the glue has time to set up.

After the adhesive has dried, remove the tape and get rid of any adhesive marks using Isopropyl alcohol.

All that’s left to do is caulk along the top and bottom edges of the back splash, then stand back and admire your modern, new stainless steel back splash.