Stainless Steel Backsplash Cleaning Tips

A stainless steel backsplash.

Installing a stainless steel backsplash can provide a very beautiful and versatile surface for behind the stove. While stainless steel is very durable, you need to clean it properly in order to keep it looking good. Here are a few tips for cleaning your stainless backsplash.

Regular Cleaning

When you have a stainless steel backsplash, you need to remember that you should clean it regularly. Every time that you use the area, you should make sure that nothing is left on the backsplash area. If water or some other liquid splashes up on the backsplash, you need to take a rag and wipe it down. Any water that is left on the surface will usually leave water spots from the minerals.

Use Detergent

If you get something on the steel backsplash that will not come off, use a mild detergent mixed with water to remove it. Apply this cleaner with a rag and then wipe it clean.

Glass Cleaner

One of the biggest problems with having stainless steel surfaces is that you can see fingerprints on them frequently. If this is an issue for you, you can use any glass cleaner to remove them. Spray the surface and then wipe them down with a rag to eliminate the fingerprints.